We believe everyone deserves equitable access to resources available in the community.


The Community Resource Department at Centro Hispano is dedicated to providing free and low-cost culturally appropriate information and support to the Hispanic community. We offer a comprehensive range of resources and services to ensure that community members have access to the assistance they need. Here is an expanded list of the resources we provide:

Emergency Food Assistance

Centro Hispano is pleased to be able to offer emergency food and basic necessity assistance with the help of Intermountain Healthcare! 

20230626 124535

Information and Referrals

Our team is here to assist you in navigating various challenges and connecting you with the appropriate resources. If there is something we are unable to directly help you with, we will ensure that you are referred to the appropriate agency or organization that can provide the necessary support.

Notary Services

We offer notary services to help you with the authentication and certification of important documents. Our qualified notaries will ensure that your documents are properly notarized according to legal requirements.

Translations and Interpretations

Our skilled translators and interpreters are available to assist you with the translation of documents or interpretation services during important appointments or meetings. We bridge language barriers, ensuring effective communication and understanding.

Resume Assistance

Our team can support you in creating professional resumes that highlight your skills, qualifications, and experience. We offer guidance on resume writing best practices to help you stand out in your job search.

Job Application Assistance

We understand that filling out job applications can be challenging. Our staff is available to provide guidance and support in completing job applications, ensuring that you present your qualifications effectively.

Divorce Application Assistance

If you require assistance with filling out divorce applications, we are here to help. Our team can provide guidance and support throughout the process, ensuring that the necessary information is accurately filled out.

USCIS Form Assistance

For individuals seeking assistance with USCIS forms for citizenship applications or replacement of resident cards, we can provide guidance and support in completing the required documentation accurately.

DACA Application Assistance

We offer support for first-time applications or renewals of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) applications. Our team can assist you in filling out the necessary forms and providing guidance throughout the application process.

Please note that depending on the length and complexity of certain documents or services, there may be a fee associated. Our team will provide clear information regarding any applicable fees.

Centro Hispano's Community Resource Department is committed to serving the Hispanic community with respect, cultural sensitivity, and a dedication to delivering the information and support needed. We are here to empower individuals and ensure that they have access to the resources necessary to overcome challenges and thrive. For more information or assistance, please contact us at 801-655-0258 or fill out our form here.

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