Centro Hispano is a non-profit organization committed to empowering Utah County’s Latino community through equitable access to basic resources, information, and education.


Our vision is to create an inclusive and equitable society where Spanish-speaking immigrants not only overcome challenges but also fully participate, prosper, and contribute to the diverse tapestry of our community

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Our Beginnings

It all began in 2002 when members of the Timpanogos Community Network came together to organize an event at the Boulders Apartment complex in South Provo. The purpose was to share information on local resources and celebrate Hispanic culture. The success of this event led to the creation of the Festival LatinoAmericano, which became an annual event held at the Historic Courthouse grounds on Center Street in Provo.

In 2003, Centro Hispano was established as a resource center for the community. This was made possible through the collaboration of the Timpanogos Community Network, a group from UVU, Community Health Connect, and United Way. Centro Hispano was located in the former Catholic Church on 5th West in Provo.

In 2004, Joan Dixon acquired a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization named Action Contra la Pobreza through BYU professor Warner Woodworth. This became the non-profit umbrella organization to enable both the Festival LatinoAmericano and Centro Hispano to be more formally organized for fundraising and development.

Over the years, Centro Hispano has been led by a series of committed leaders who have worked tirelessly to provide equitable access to information, resources, and educational programs. Ingrid Guzman served as the first Director of Centro Hispano, followed by Teresa Tavares, Adrian Escalante, Abraham Hernandez, and Jackie Larson. Under their guidance, Centro Hispano has expanded its staff and programs, while also coordinating with the Provo School District’s evening school English program.

Today, Centro Hispano continues to serve as a vital resource for the Latino and Hispanic community in Utah County. Its mission is to empower individuals and families by breaking down barriers and providing access to essential services and resources. With its dedicated team of staff and volunteers, Centro Hispano is making a significant impact on the lives of those it serves.