Patricio is a highly skilled Power Systems Engineer (PE) and Substation Construction Project Manager with extensive experience in the energy industry. Currently employed at Heber Light & Power, Patricio is responsible for managing substation construction projects, ensuring they are executed according to specifications, delivered on time, and completed within budget constraints.

In his role, Patricio plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of Heber Light & Power's electrical system. He performs thorough electrical distribution analyses to address various factors such as load, voltage levels, protection schemes, and reliability concerns. His expertise ensures the efficient and reliable operation of the electrical infrastructure, contributing to the seamless delivery of power to consumers.

Prior to joining Heber Light & Power, Patricio served as the Substation Operations Manager at Rocky Mountain Power for seven years. In this position, he oversaw the day-to-day operations of an electric utility in a specific geographic territory. His effective management skills and strategic decision-making had a significant impact on corporate objectives and business unit performance.

Before his tenure at Rocky Mountain Power, Patricio worked as an Electrical Field Engineer for three years and eleven months. During this time, he specialized in conducting electrical distribution analyses to address load, voltage, protection, and reliability concerns. His technical expertise and attention to detail were instrumental in ensuring the safe and optimal performance of electrical systems.

Earlier in his career, Patricio served as a Power Systems Control Operator at Provo City for two years and six months. In this role, he gained hands-on experience in operating electrical transmission and distribution systems using SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), OMS (Outage Management System), and GIS (Geographic Information System) technologies. His ability to effectively manage energy operations contributed to the reliable and efficient delivery of power to the community.

Throughout his career, Patricio has demonstrated strong leadership skills, technical proficiency, and a commitment to delivering high-quality results. His ability to oversee complex projects, analyze electrical systems, and implement effective solutions makes him a valuable asset to any organization in the power industry. With his extensive experience and expertise, Patrico is poised to make significant contributions in the field of power systems engineering and substation construction.