Jonathan is a tech entrepreneur and engineer. As a First Gen immigrant, he hustled and put himself through school doing consulting and sales in the IoT space and obtained a Mechanical Engineering degree from BYU.

From designing NextGen features for Polaris vehicles, co-founding his own IoT start-up which later failed, and using those lessons while in Microsoft taking the first Surface Duo product lines to market along with additional Surface flagship products, he has learned a lot of what it takes to succeed and fail in tech.

Jonathan was born in Colombia and raised in Toronto, Canada and uses the love for his family, his humble beginnings, and his parents’ sacrifices as the ultimate driving force to succeed. His journey has led to a deep sense of empathy, perspective, and purpose that he draws on to help shape the lives of others.

Jonathan is currently disrupting the Assistive Technology Space and productizing cutting edge AI/ML as a Product Leader at Google.